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Ultimate Pro Scalper Review

It’s always fun to try out new online tools to help you with Forex trading. After all, Forex, is not as easy as everyone thinks. This is especially true when you want to make a sizeable profit (who doesn’t?). For Forex, you need to know: When to make a trade (the entry point) Whether to go long or short Where to place your stop loss When to take your profits Determining all that does take a little (ok, a lot) of time. But now that the Ultimate Pro Scalper, which came out in September of 2014, is here, it will do all these tasks for you. Ultimate Pro Scalper is AKA 200 PIPS Daily Profit by the way…   Features...

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Odds Worth Betting Review

A lot of people say that online trading is nothing more than online gambling, except that often gambling is more fun. If I’m gambling on sporting events with my friends, we all watch the game in one room, drink a few beers and have so much fun. If my team wins, I just call my bookie and get my winnings. And recently, I’ve found that I’ve been winning a lot more, and that’s because of Odds Worth Betting.   Features of Odds Worth Betting It’s simple really. You first need to sign up and you can test it for a single day for just $7. But after that you need to pay much more. For 7 days, it will...

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Forex Trendy Review

The best Forex traders aren’t gamblers. Gambling on Forex, after all, is not a good idea, because the system is designed to cost you money if you’re right on your calls half of the time. And that’s why the expert traders are all adept at reading graphs and interpreting what they mean. They can recognize trends and avoid uncertain market periods when the prices move unsteadily. But chart reading is not exactly what you would call a simple exercise. It’s not easy for me, even if I’ve been doing it for years. To have a chance at making the correct call, I need to focus on a single currency pair and pick a time frame. And without assistance, I...

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Robot FX Review

For many people who trade in stocks, they don’t make the analysis themselves. They have better things to do, and that’s why they have stock analysts and brokers who make trades for them. At the end of the year, the analysts report back to their clients, and if they’re any good they can perhaps boast of 11% returns. Now I don’t care much for stocks, since you need a lot of money to make a decent income from it. And it’s probably going to take you at least a few months to see any returns. This is exactly why I choose binary options. The trades are decided in a matter of hours or even minutes. But since I don’t...

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Option Bot 2.0 Review

Of all the binary options tools I’ve discovered online, there’s no doubt that Option Bot is the best of them all. You’ll come across many similar websites online but for the most part, they’re not exactly what you could consider reliable. And that’s what makes Option Bot stand out: it’s utterly reliable.   Features of OptionBot OptionBot is a program you use to analyze trends in binary options. In binary options, the movements of a currency tend to go up or down all the time, and these are basically, fluctuations. They’re random movements you can’t predict with a high degree of accuracy. But with Optionbot 2.0, you can now detect trends. You’ll know if there’s a downward trend or...

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